RGB020 Two Thirds – Pathfinder EP

After long silent light years, Two Thirds returns with extended play “Pathfinder”.

Ep contains 3 TECH HOUSE soundtracks.

1. Lose Yourself –¬† About sound expirience, music listening and dancing in vibrating air.

2. Pathfinder – Title track dedicated to pathfinders-rovers NASA worked for a great perpouse of expluaration on red planet Mars.

3. Parselmouth Рis a a person who is speaking snake lenguage. it would be just like speaking with  cottonemouth friend.


Release is officially lending 14 Aug 2020, but we already uploaded it on RGB Audio Bandcamp Page

Special thanks to Artemiy Kornev for organising pre mastering reamping session for original mixes.

Mastered @ RGB Audio studio

Watch promo video on youtube mixed by LXE, all three tracks from EP mixed in one long mixshake!