Minimal on Wax – Podcast#25 Sash Thirds


This time podcast mixed by Sash Thirds and recorded at RGB Audio studio during the Pandemic lockout on the far away land. We hope you are found shelter to stay and recharge.

So click play¬† and hear this now….

Playlist is on its way:

1. ALSI – Right there (Sit remix) (Pressence)

2.FRISKY BUZINESS – Aurora (Hoarders)

3. SUBB-AN – Access (Breaks mix)

4. SED TRAX- Keesel (Curtea Veche)

5.DAVID  GTRONIC & JUST ME РArco (Synkronized)

6.NEIK – Freefloat Free (Krab)

7. ARAPU – System Error (Playedby)

8. ALEX FONT – Interstellar(Delta Walta) (Acme)

9.PICTOR – The gift that keeps on giving(Feeder sound)