The Protesters VS Alex KS Dub EP

Dub mixes on legendary Australian reggae band The Protesters.
Produced by Michael Brown and Alex KS.

The Protesters’ original songs espouse a strong commitment to social and environmental justice. Brown’s trenchant creations are offset by smooth and soulful old school reggae riddims, fuelled by classy arrangements featuring a full complement of horns. Pat Powell, delivers each message with urbanity, belying the scarcely concealed contempt between the lines.

Their music can be described as healing, enlightening or even cathartic, either way the positive vibrations of The Protesters reach out to all.

Members: Pat Powell (Vocals) Peter Firth Bass Michael Brown (Sax/keys) Jasper Sarkodee (Drums) Bede Ford-Gaddes (trumpet) Michael Coggins (Guitar)

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