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947396_10201004485776983_244918691_nSydney Based DJ/producer Pash Mann 

One of the guys behind Organic Audio. Pash releases his tracks under Ukrainian Label “Mulen Records”, catch his set at Sydney techno clubs, local festivals and private parties. He will cherry-pick his music and always keeps things neat.

His passion for electronic music was born well before he turned 18 and left Ukraine back in 2004 when moved to Australia.

High influence by German records which were dominating Ukraine at that time played a big part in determining his sound. He has always felt the needed to get the most strange sounding record when he heard.

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All those one-off appearances built some networks and so later in 2011 starts working with Kontrast and later

InFused with Tom Brereton. Those events allowed him to get established in Sydney scene. But it wasn’t until he was introduced to his now good friend Nick McMartin and had his first gig at his fresh event called Organic Audio where he feels for the first time that he can play his  true sounds in Sydney without worrying if it was going to be accepted.

Friendship and collaboration with Kolia Lips started in Ukraine and way before Pash moved to Sydney and Lips to Chicago. Long distance has never been a barrier and did not prevent this collaboration. Pash n Lips  just released their first EP on Mulen Records.

Holding inspiration with true perfection of his musical craft.

Having the ability to warm up a crowd and play a pumping set he can certainly deliver a unique music experience.


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Residential mix-

A 30 min mix from Alex KS


01. CoMa – My Orbit (Dauwd Mix)
02. Brett Johnson & Dave Barker – No Pictures Please
03. Amine Edge & Dance – Gimme tha Fonky Ass (Raxon Remix)
04. Dilo, Santos Resiak – A Better Light feat. Dilo (The Martinez Brothers Remix)
05. Daniel Trim – Do You Really Love What You Do (Original Mix)
06. Vaal – Mask (John Tejada Remix)


RGB recommends Top Releases

We talk about some of the music releases that caught our ears and tell a story behind each one!

martin burtich


Martin buttrich – 20 ways (original mix) (Desolat)





Soul Rack and Mikel E – Man on the moon (original mix) (Cray 1 Labworks)





Dave Fogg – Blow (original mix) (Nu Panda)



Guest interview feat. Pashmann (Mulen Records, Organic Audio) with Pash n Lips – red horse (original mix) (Mulen Records) on the background

Guest mix – 30 min. mix from Pashmann (Mulen Records, Organic Audio)


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Release Date: 18 May 2013
Podcast Release # 02

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