Podcast #13th “minimal on wax”

Good news everyone!!! Our next podcast #13 is here!

Selection of finest minimal records released on Eastenderez,Blind box,Fuse,Moi,Voy,Rooted,Fun…loving hypnotizing dub grooves from Archie Hamilton,Lopaski ,TP*/3,JR,EKU,Bolumar,Barem & Alexis Cabrera…

We are support all artists and labels in this podcast. Peace and Love

1.JR – DoubtingThomas – Just Sayin (Eastenderz013)

2.Lopaski – Q Division (BlindBox004)

3.Archie Hamilton – Channelled (Fuse026)

4.Barem & Alexis Cabrera – Fanatics (Fun001)

5.EKU – untitled (Voy001)

6.TP*/3 – untitled (Moi003)

7.Archie Hamilton – Driven to Distraction (Fuse026)

8.JR – Lizz-Music (Eastenderz013)

9.Archie Hamilton – Telegram (Fuse026)

10.Bolumar – Malasanha (Rooted004)

Thanks for listening.

RGB Audio Team