E&I – Easy EP

New music is coming your way! This time from our Ukranian friends E&I are stands for Ed Zalezskiy and Irma Kano. Both Dj’s and playing sub-styles of House and Techno music.
Collaboratively produced fresh EP ‘EASY’ in the end of 2018, which we are happy to represent in this release RGB017


Official release date is 29 Jan 2019, but we might expect some delay with delivery to some streaming platforms. Currently, we are performing traditional rituals to make this release happen, so please be passioned and follow our updates!

As a big bonus, we are sharing Private Web promos from Soundcloud in this post on  RGB Audio official web page.

RGB017  E&I – Easey EP : consist of 3 tracks, we think in House – Minimal genre.

  1. 1. Dumpf -Gradation from Middle High German dimpfen (‘to smoke, fume’);Wiki
    2. Easy – Tittle tracks, with a shade of ethnic Ukrainian culture and enjoyment of free live in peace with with Mather Nature)
    3. Q87 – Nice perspectives in this track, karusel of thoughts and feelings dancing under garage step beat.

Thanks you for listening and your artist support

rgb audio team

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