Baby Lips and the Silhouettes

“Baby Lips and The Silhouettes” play original Off World Jazz.They are a united front for harmonies in Music,Harmony with one’s Elf and the doubling of one’s power by looking in the mirror.Their Harmonic and Rhythmic structures represent the progressive Cry of Jazz from the outer and inner realms of the Cosmos.Their Poetry is the untold stories of the past mixed with daydreams of an,as yet,unremembered future.

Just as we are all born naked, knowing only life, Baby Lips and the Silhouettes return with the Music. The Music to promise the Heart a Story and to finge the Mind with Colour.
From the Urban to the Intergalactic, once again nobody is left out.
For this second EP Baby Lips have teamed up encore-style with the fantastic ears of RGB’s Alex Kindsadness. Musical collaborators included Michael “Seaside” Brown and “Monsieur Moonlight” James Findlay.

Release is available on JUNO DOWNLOAD and most digital sources.





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