IWM06 @ Lazy Bones

30th December, we’ve gathered with Inner West Minimal team to say goodbye to 2023 and cheer up to upcoming 2024.

Ody Dozz has prepared live performance on Elektron hardware and Ole LXE has joined him late to cut effects from records in deep Space echo Delay pedal. Level 1 at Lazy Bones is a small room space and this is well accompany to event’s vibe. Everyone could see what guys are doing on stage and this magnetism is attractive for curios enthusiastic people in the room. Attention on stage , last chord and round of applause! Changing over to turn tables and Lucy’s Dad Leo already prepared record to continue these beautiful feelings of excitement and adrenaline after fist act…

Leo started with unreal groove and every new track were taking to a new level. Next in line Fean Dojos and dance floor filled with smiling and cheering people.

We hope soon, we will attach audio files recorded on this event. Some Video will be available on Face book group Minimal On wax (Autograph)

Wile we processing recording data from the Team of the Minimal on Wax djs, we would like to say thank words to all out supporters and followers, we work for you and you it would be different. We looking forward to performing more live jams and to see you at our next event in line. Stay tuned!

Big thank you to artist and Djs playing at the event , this was magnificent journey!

we want more live jam sessions and invite you to come over to watch and listen improvisational electronic music from local djs and artist.

Hope to have longer djset from Lucy’s Dad Leo next time.

Respect to Fean Dojos, he selected juice minimal / tech house sound tracks and let people dance away in prime time. Ole LXE has closed the night in breaking form of minimal, check out his soundcloud page.