RGB Audio TV

Happy to share RGB AUDIO Youtube content at our home space.
Enjoy watching video clips in playlists.


From an 8 Part TV series looking at cult electronic instruments that have shaped modern music


Kruder & Dorfmeister Live at AB – Ancienne Belgique,

3 hours set of their 25th anniversary Tour 2019




This complication of enthusiastic artist all over the world playing “Musical machines”. Different configurations of setups and music stations adopted for life performance. Very educational indeed!

Great Live music concerts playlist:

Composed and directed by Jean-Michel Jarre My Blog:


00:00 Prelude

05:36 Oxygene, Pt. 1

14:37 Oxygene, Pt. 2

21:28 Oxygene, Pt. 3

26:30 Variation 1

29:50 Oxygene, Pt. 4

35:27 Variation 2

38:45 Oxygene, Pt. 5

49:02 Variations 3

54:05 Oxygene, Pt. 6


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