RGB Audio Podcast #16

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Expanding our “Minimal On Wax” collection of mixes.
You may here a few pre loved tracks and many new recently released vinyls on record labels like:

Loving our artwork with an ancient party beast:)

  1.  Lopaski – Bon Voyagen (BlindBox)
  2.  Jack Wickham – Sidewalk (Medeia)
  3. Tish – Mist (Drvft)
  4. Neik – Mev (FUN)
  5. Philipp Lichtblau – We are (Ben Rau remix)
  6. Moi – Unknown (MOI 08) 
  7. Monica Ross – Circuit Bending (Lowwax)
  8. Tish – Leo
  9. Levi Verspeek – Hmmm (Slapfunk)
  10. Philipp Lichtblau – Movin’
  11. Neverdogs – Six 0’clock (Eaka tech)
  12. Dubbtone & Tileff Ft. Dan Formmless – Gaida (Subtatic)
  13. Neverdogs – Insane (Original) (Eaka tech)
  14. Zendid – Wood Leasty (Original) (Plaisir)


Setup description:  Technics 2010+Vestax PMC-06Pro. Mixed by LXE 

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