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RGB Audio studio was founded in 2012 by Ukranian Australian in Sydney and specialise on electronic music production.

RGB project takes its name from the standard colour code that uses to describe any colour by mixing red, blue and green colours.The same way in RGB Audio we see our mission in mixing our favourite components in music to let a new music be born. Our listener is a spoilt music lover with a great taste and loving to experiment as we are. Inspired by our vision of music palette RGB Audio collaborates with local and international producers to make for listening and dancing: from live jazz and funk to underground techno. RGB studio gladly supports emerging names and provides its resources and skills to help with their first releases.

RGB Audio is proud to work with such producers and remixers as LXE(AU), Art Bilash(AU), PashMann(UA),Koloniari(UA), 2Thirds(AU), Module Eight(USA/AU), Minikin(GER),Nick Reverse(AU),Antony Pollak(UA),Ed Zalezskiy(UA),Irma Kano(UA) Tom Southwick (AU)Ody Dozz(AU), AJOI(MA),Reno Renatama(Ind)

We are always open for new bands and artists. Please send your demos to rgbaudio.info@gmail.com.Make sure you sending mp3 file demo, we do not accept direct download links.